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Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited (the "Group") is one of the most sizable integrated coal corporations in central-western China. Taking Shanxi Province as its major investment base, it is principally engaged in mining of coking coal and production and sales of raw and clean coking coal, The Group is the second largest hard coking coal producer in the PRC in terms of production capacity. The Group currently owns and operates three coal mines in Liulin County, Shanxi Province, China, namely Xingwu Coal Mine, Jinjiazhuang Coal Mine and Zhaiyadi Coal Mine, with an aggregate mining area of 31.89 and an aggregate raw coal production capacity of 6.3 million tons per annum. According to the Technical Review Report of John T. Boyd Company based on the standard of JORC, the total in-place reserves and recoverable reserves of the three coal mines was 205.75 million tons and 142.35 million tons respectively as at the end of 2007, comprised with mainly hard and semi-hard coking coal. The Group's coking coal products are mainly used for the production of coke. Coke is one of the major raw materials for the manufacture of steel. The Group's principal clients are among the top iron and steel producers in the PRC.

The Group has a broad and stable portfolio of clients. To further expand the premium client base of the Group, the Group entered into a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Shougang Group, its major customer and one of the largest iron and steel producers in the PRC, and invited Shougang as a substantial shareholder in July 2008. The Group's client base is mainly composed of sizable iron and steel producers in the PRC such as Tangshan Iron & Steel (唐山鋼鐵), Wuhan Iron & Steel (武漢鋼鐵) and Taiyuan Iron & Steel (太原鋼鐵), etc.

The Group sets sight on the active business development of quality coking coal. With the central government's campaign for economy of scale and effective resources allocation in coal mining, the Group will continue to expand its operation to attain economy of scale, whilst boosting the Group's profitability by side products generated from coal processing and investing in lower production chain to expand its product portfolio and client base. Our vision is to become the leading coking coal producer in the PRC.



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