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Business Overview
Coal Mines Overview
 - Xingwu Coal Mine
 - Jinjiazhuang Coal Mine
 - Zhaiyadi Coal Mine
Major Clients

The Group is principally engaged in coking coal mining and production and sales of raw and clean coking coal. It is one of the few coal corporations which own the complete production chain ranging from coal resources, coal preparation plants to coke plant. The major businesses of the Group are : Coal mining business / Coal processing business

Locations of the Group's Coal Mines


Coal mining business : The Group currently owns three operating coking coal mines in Liulin County, Shanxi Province. As at the end of 2023, the in-situ resources and recoverable reserves of Xingwu Coal Mine was 35.88 million tons and 18.99 million tons respectively. The in-situ resources and recoverable reserves of Jinjiazhuang Coal Mine was 41.73 million tons and 21.35 million tons respectively. The in-situ resources and recoverable reserves of Zhaiyadi Coal Mine was 44.66 million tons and 18.53 million tons respectively. Currently, the approved raw coal production capacity of each coal mine is 1.75 million tons per annum.

Coal processing business : Each of the coal mines currently owned by the Group has installed independent coal preparation plant. The annual processing volume of total three coal preparation plants is 6.30 million tons.

The integrated business model of the Group has enhanced its operating efficiency and reduced its production cost. In addition, the Group's coal mines are adjacent to major road and railway network, 4 kilometers away from major expressways, and 10 kilometers away from the Tai-Zhong-Yin (Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan) Railway. The Group could connect its three coal mines to the national railway network, with a view to be in line with the Golden Line (namely, the three major railroad lines in Shanxi Province through which coal is transported to five ports, including Da-Qin Line, Shi-Tai Line and Hou-Yue Line) for the coal transportation hub in Shanxi Province. This does not only enhance our transportation capability, but also fortify the competitive edge of the Group.


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