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The board of directors of the Group is the executive body of Shougang Resources, which endeavors to secure the interest of the corporation as a whole and achieve sustaining growth of corporate value. The most compelling mission of the board of directors is to form operation strategies for the corporation, preparing financial budget and distributing corporate resources, publishing the Group's quarterly operating results and annual financial statements on a regular basis and assigning crucial tasks. Introductions of members of the board of directors of the Group are as follows:
 Executive Directors
 Non-Executive Directors

 Independent Non-Executive Directors

Division of Responsibilities of Chairman and Managing Director

Executive Directors

Mr. Ding Rucai
Mr. Ding is a senior engineer in professor grade. He graduated from the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering of the University of Science and Technology Beijing with a doctoral degree in ferrous metallurgy, he also studied senior business administration in the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Mr. Ding has extensive experience in management of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, production management of steel and coal industries, project construction management, trading of iron ore and coking coal resources and shipping management.

Previously, Mr. Ding was an executive director and the deputy managing director of Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited (now known as Shoucheng Holdings Limited) (SEHK:697), a listed company in Hong Kong.

Currently, Mr. Ding is a non-executive director of Mount Gibson Iron Limited (ASX:MGX), a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Limited. He also holds several senior positions in the group companies of Shougang Group Co., Ltd., including the positions as a director and deputy managing director of Shougang Holding (Hong Kong) Limited.


Mr. Fan Wenli
Mr. Fan is a senior mining engineer and a certified safety engineer. He graduated from Wuhan University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in mining resources engineering and then obtained a master's degree in mining engineering from University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Previously, Mr. Fan held various senior positions in Mining Corporation of Shougang Group Co., Ltd. ("Shougang Mining") and had been responsible for mining production and operation safety for a long time. Mr. Fan served as the deputy mine manager of the iron ore production plants of Shougang Mining, namely Xingshan Iron Mine (underground mine) and Shuichang Iron Mine (open-pit mine). He also served as the deputy director and the director of production division of Shougang Mining during which he facilitated the commencement of production and the arrival at mine full production capacity of Xingshan Iron Mine. Mr. Fan has extensive management experience both in open-pit and underground mine.


Mr. Chen Zhaoqiang
Mr. Chen graduated from Jiaozuo Mining Institute with a bachelor degree majoring in mining engineering and obtained a master degree in management science from Huazhong University of Science & Technology and a finance executive master of business administration from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has extensive experience in coal mining industry including in the areas of production safety management for coal mining, purchase and logistics management, mineral resources development and coal trading.

Previously, Mr. Chen had engaged in many important posts in coal mining enterprises, including in Pingdingshan Coal Co. Ltd., Henan Pingbao Coal Co. Ltd., and Henan Company for Coal Seam Gas Development & Application


Mr. Wang Dongming
Mr. Wang graduated from the University of Wales with a master degree in business administration. He has extensive experience in the fields of trading of mineral resources, investment and capital operation, and has also been awarded the practicing certificates in the asset management and securities categories by the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute respectively.

Mr. Wang had been working in Shougang Group Co., Ltd. for years, during which he served as the assistant general manager of Shougang International Mineral Resources Corporation to handle various overseas acquisition projects in relation to mineral resources. He had also acted as the assistant general manager of the Company. Mr. Wang had been the general manager of the investment department at Shougang Holding (Hong Kong) Limited prior to his appointment as a deputy managing director of the Company in 2021.


Non-Executive Directors


Ms. Chang Cun
Ms. Chang is a certified public accountant in China and a certified internal auditor. She holds a bachelor degree in economics from Beijing Institute of Business and a master degree in management from Beijing Technology and Business University. Ms. Chang has extensive experience in accounting, auditing, financial and insurance businesses.

Previously, Ms. Chang held various positions in the group of Funde Sino Life. Currently, she is the director, deputy general manager and chief auditor of Funde Insurance Holdings Co., Ltd, the director and chief auditor of Funde Sino Life, the chief auditor of Sino Life AMC, and also the chief supervisor of The National Trust Co., Ltd respectively.


Independent Non-Executive Directors


Mr. Shi Yubao
Mr. Shi is a senior economist and a senior political affairs specialist. He graduated from Chongqing University with a master degree in business administration. Mr. Shi has extensive experience in the fields of corporate management, strategic planning and economic.

Previously, Mr. Shi held various senior positions in Chongqing Changan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. including the chairman of its board of directors, chairman of its labour union, general manager, etc. In addition, he served as the factory director of the automobile manufacturing plants of the Changan Automobile (Group) Company Limited, the chairman of the board of directors of Chongqing Changan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Changan Minsheng APLL Logistics Co., Ltd., a company listed in Hong Kong, respectively, and the chairman of supervisory committee of Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., a company listed in Shenzhen. Mr. Shi also served as the external director of Shougang Group. Mr. Shi was a member of the 14th and 15th executive committee of China National General Labour Union, a member of the 2nd and 3rd labour union committee of Chongqing General Labour Union and a member of the expert group jury panel of Chongqing Enterprise Management Excellence Evaluation Committee.

Currently, he is the independent director of Chengdu Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd. (SSE: 603809), a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Mr. Choi Wai Yin
Mr. Choi holds a master degree of science in finance from the City University of Hong Kong, a bachelor degree in business administration from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a bachelor degree in law from the Peking University. He has extensive experience in the fields of finance and fund management.

Currently, he is a director and a responsible officer of Success Talent Global Limited, a company carrying the asset management business. Mr. Choi is also an investment adviser registered under the SFO.


Mr. Chen Jianxiong
Mr. Chen is a senior economist and a senior human resources management specialist. He graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a master of science degree in applied accounting and finance.

Mr. Chen was an executive director of China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd and had held various senior positions there including the vice president, the board secretary and the general manager of human resources department. He also served sequentially as the chairman of the board of directors of Bangxin Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Orient Bangxin Finance Holding Co., Ltd. In addition, he had served as the head of deposits division and head of personnel and education division of Bank of China Zhejiang Branch. Mr Chen has extensive experience in the fields of corporate management, economic and finance, human resources and banking.



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