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Apart from operating in the production and sales of raw coal, the Group has devoted to expanding its product portfolio so as to enhance its competitiveness. The Group proactively increases the sale of clean coal which will generate higher profit in order to increase the Group's profitability. Currently, the Group has established a coal preparation plant in the adjacent area of Xingwu Coal Mine, with an annual processing volume of 1.2 million tons. From the completion of the coal mine in 2008 to the second quarter of 2009, cleaned coal output of the Group is around 1.25 million tons. The new coal preparation plant of Jinjiazhuang, which has commenced operation in June, has an annual processing volume of 3 million tons. Its products are mainly used for the production of coke, which is one of the major raw materials for the production of steel.

To equip itself with a more comprehensive production chain, the Group is constructing three new coal preparation plants, namely Jinjiazhuang coal preparation plant, Zhaiyadi coal preparation plant and Jinshan coal preparation plant. The three coal preparation plants will be completed and commence production prior to the third quarter of 2009 respectively. By then, the Group's processing volume will be raised to 12.2 million tons per annum. Neighboring Jinjiazhuang Coal Mine, Jinjiazhuang coal preparation plant has an annual processing volume of 3 million tons and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2009. Neighboring Zhaiyadi Coal Mine, Zhaiyadi coal prepration plant has an annual processing volume of 3 million tons, which is expected to commence operation in the end of 2009.Jinshan coal preparation plant is situated at Guo Jia Gou, Liulin County, with an annual processing volume of 5 million tons which was completed in the second quarter of 2009.



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